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Professional portfolio of our department consists of over 50 different self-initiated projects in vocational and adult education, integration policy and empowerment. Furthermore, we were partners in more than 20 projects in education, integration, and age management. 


Pathway from EQAVET to NQAVET

"EU Integration Agent" - IGMA II

Practical Methodology for Acquiring Key Competences of EU Reference Framework through Continuous VET

Learning City

Project "Human Rights in practice" ("MR i praktiken")

Leonardo development of innovation "Expanding the quality 'spirit' of VET (Q &VET)"



Leonardo, transfer of innovation "Facilitating a Common Quality Assurance Framework through Peer Review for VET", Peer Review for CQAF-VET

Leonardo learning partnership "M-learning and other good practices in I.C.T. teaching"

Project "Competence development for immigrant NGOs" ("Kompetensuppbyggnad för invandrarföreningar")

Common Quality Assurance Framework-VET, a provider online model, "CQAFVET-online

CERF. Certification Standard for European Reference Framework Key Competencies

Leonardo network "Age Management in Practice: Improving Access to VET/CVET for Older Workers Across Europe" AMaP

Learning through Innovative management concepts to ensure transfer of Knowledge of Elderly people"

Grundtvig multilateral "Innovative Guidance Methodology for the Integration of Low Skilled Immigrants into Adult Education"

Grundtvig multilateral Empowerment kit for immigrant women with low education, EM-kit

Grundtvig partnership "Academy of New Possibilities - parents schools as a way of increasing competences connected with looking after and education of children"

Leonardo development of innovation "Validation of Formal, Non-Formal and Informal Learning: The case study of Personal Assistants", EUPA

Leonardo development of innovation "Smart languages need oriented toolbox for Europeans", SL-tool

Leonardo, transfer of innovation "Operational model of "Common Quality Assurance Framework" at VET-provider level", CQAF-provider model*

Leonardo development of innovation "European manager for intelligent and responsible territories", GETIR

Leonardo, transfer of innovation "Methodological Toolbox for Development of New Skill for Future Jobs", JS-Toolbox*

Nordpus Vuxen "Nordic network for empowerment of immigrant women with low educational/working experience"

Nordplus Vuxen "STILL ACTIVE - A Communication Tool for Fighting Social Isolation"

Swedish Institute "The Baltic Network for VET"

Sida "Introduction of Modern Methods and Models in Labour Market Training in Minsk, Belarus" 

Sida "Development of Labour Market in Arkhangelsk region"

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